Things to Consider Before You Start Your divorce

  • Do You Need To Divorce?
  • How To Divorce in Canada.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls.

Do you really need to divorce?
This writer firmly believes that it is just too easy to take flight from a relationship that has gone south.

Your marriage may have evaporated months or years ago, but it is still not a good reason to walk away without an attempt to fix things. Sometimes the answer to relationship problems is not the legal act of getting divorced, maybe you owe it to yourself and to your spouse to examine the alternatives.

  • Marriage counseling can help you to resolve your issues.
  • Money counseling is always a good idea.
  • Parenting class can be a blessing.
  • A period of separation may give each of you time to “take a break”.

An alternative to divorce is separation. A related topic Separation looks at separation issues and separation agreements.

While you are not the first person on the planet facing the prospect of divorce, your situation and your life is uniquely yours. You will get through this, you will recover, and your life will move on.

How to Divorce.
Traditionally people used to turn to a lawyer. Methods have changed and people realize that using a lawyer is not necessarily a good call. Because all parties must follow the Divorce Act and the Child Support Guidelines you do not need to complicate things with the traditional adversarial approach of lawyers.

Look at it this way. If children are involved the guidelines will dictate how much child support you will get, or give. Divorcing couples can not make their own child support arrangements. It is also a myth that you need your spouse’s permission or approval. It only takes one person to seek divorce.

The courts encourage you to come to terms about property and money things. You can do this with a valid separation agreementIf you can not negotiate an agreement then the alternative is to abandon the hopes of having an agreement signed, or to seek legal counsel. Stats Canada estimates that 90% of divorcing couples do not need a law firm to take control of their divorce and money.

Common Steps to Divorce.
Research the rules by browsing this web site; it is rich with free information.

  • Attend to property issues with a separation agreement. However, a written agreement is not a requirement for divorce, so don’t fret if your ex is stalling.
  • Decide if you really need a lawyer to prepare your divorce documents.
  • Actually read some of the how-to’s and reports. 20 minutes of reading will save you thousands of dollars.

Each province has it’s own way of doing things. Basically in each province the steps are:

  • Gather your information, decide which forms meet your circumstances, fill in the forms.
  • File your first set of papers in the right court.
  • Wait for clearance from the Divorce Registry in Ottawa.
  • While you are waiting you conduct ‘service’ according to the rules of court procedure.
  • Wait the prescribed number of days and hope the other side does not file a dispute.
  • File the second set of papers and your Affidavits.
  • File Motions and financial statements as requested.
  • Wait for a court decision.
  • (In some provinces you are required to take a parenting class as part of the divorce process).

Avoid the Pitfalls

Don’t skip this part because this is where it all comes together for you.

“We have done up our own request for divorce, joint petition, written affidavits and trial record, and the judge will not grant us a divorce…so I am trying to get some advice..” Joint Petitioners. (location not given)

The above quote is just one out of the hundreds who have discovered that Canadian divorce requires a high level of expertise, and if you do not know what you are doing, then you will quickly run into serious difficulty.

Running to a lawyer can be expensive. Attempting to go it alone can be more expensive in terms of stress and frustration. Colin Kennedy and your team of divorce specialists are here to help you by doing your paperwork and guiding you through the court system, step by step.

With our expert help and unlimited support the process tends not to be any more stressful than renewing you driver’s licence. Moreover, the all-inclusive fee of $249 is a fraction of what a law firm would charge you for exactly the same results – at the end of the day you are divorced. .

  • It’s true, you can get divorced for $249 and your court fees.
  • It is a fact – 9 out 10 divorces do not need a lawyer.
  • Hire – divorce legally and safely, 100% guaranteed!
  • Get your divorce and save $1,800 in legal fees.
  • Child custody and support issues are included with your Divorce.

Your papers are prepared then placed in front of a Supreme Court Justice. The court clerk sends your divorce order to you in the mail. You are divorced; simplified, painless and safe. You have just saved hundreds of dollars on legal fees. Congratulations! If you are ready simply submit your application
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Rich with information about separation and divorce.

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How to separate and divorce without a lawyerReference Guide about separation and divorce covers the legal steps, divorce and separation with or without children, gives you key information about protecting your money, and helps you through the emotional roller coaster.

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