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Sexual assault is something that can happen to anyone – anywhere. There is no previous warning or trigger involved. However, if and when it does happen, it is an absolute must that you take the right course of action so as to bring the culprit(s) to charge. Thus, this is why, it is absolutely essential that you know when to opt for a Toronto sexual assault lawyer.

Let us look into one of the most common places where sexual assaults usually take place (P.S. – mind you, this is one common place, NOT the only one. Sexual assault can take place anywhere, so be cautious). Often when we take app cabs, we tend to over look everything and just board the cab. This is usually very wrong and leaves us susceptible to anything!

toronto sexual assault lawyer

Toronto sexual assault lawyer would definitely tell you to do when boarding an app cab, is to check whether the picture on your phone matches with that of your driver. Then, check whether the car registration number is the same. Most importantly, check the rating of your driver.

If you don’t feel comfortable travelling with the driver or if you feel uneasy travelling with another passenger, then opt to cancel the cab. Also, keep in mind the ‘prime crime timings’, when drivers tend to be intoxicated and thus have low inhibitions, which is when sexual assaults and harassment take place.

If for any reason you feel that your driver is making you feel uncomfortable or that travelling in that particular cab isn’t giving you a positive feeling, immediately opt to press the emergency button, which is usually provided in all app cabs, or opt to click on the emergency kit/button on the app on your phone.

A Toronto sexual assault lawyer might be able to provide you help and assistance in cases as those mentioned above. Although it is suggested that your safetly lies in your hands, often that doesn’t really help. Another vital aspect to keep in mind is to check whether all the safety features that should be available to a passenger have been made available to you. Check all you

r safety options thoroughly before boarding the car. Check whether the car hasn’t been locked by the driver once you have boarded it and see if the emergency and safety button is

present in the cab. Also, match the credentials of the driver – his face, his car and number plate and the like, with the credentials that have been provided to you on the app.


Certain ways in which you can avoid sexual assault is, by trying to avoid taking an app cab alone when drunk. It is not to say that this ensures safety always, but it’s a small precautionary measure worth taking. Ensure that the travel route being taken by the driver is the correct one and one that you are familiar with. In case something seems amiss, raise an alarm.

Post Author: Phillip Henry