How to have the Ontario court waive your $447 court fee!

The court fee for Ontario divoce is $447, payable it 2 steps; $157 when you first file, and $285 with the second round of filngs.
I am going to show you how to work with the court clerk to save $447 because I want to earn your future divorce business by providing meaningful and well written information.

Waiver of Ontario court fee basics.

    • There are several fees which can be waived, this page is for the $447 fee for Ontario divorce.
    • In Ontario you have an option of sole or joint divorce and if you select a joint divorce with 2 applicants then both of you must qualify for waiver, so maybe it would be easier to file a sole divorce.
    • The test for having the court forgive your fee is based on your income.

Your primary source of income is:
Income assistance from Ontario Works.
Income support from the Ontario Disability Support Program.
Family Benefits Act allowance.
Old Age Security Benefit with the Guranteed Supplement.
War Veterans allowance.
Canada Pension Plan benefits.

Or, your household income and assets are less than:
$1,500 per month if there is one person in your household.
$2,250 if there are two people in your household.
$2,583 if there are three.
$3,083 if there are four.
$3,583 if there are five or more.


If you have less than $1,501 in liquid assets, which means cash or things you can quickly turn into cash.
And, your household net worth is less than $6,000.

Terms they use.
Gross monthly household income: the amount of money from just about any source, before taxes and deductions.
Household: means you and any adult living with you, it does not include your ex unless he/she is still at home with you.
Household liquid assets: means cash and assets that can be quickly converted to cash. (stocks, bonds, RRSP’s, GIC’s, mutual funds) Liquid assets do not include vehicles, furniture, household items, tools for employment, or real property.
Household net worth: means the value of all assets less the amount of debts and other financial liabilities.


If you qualify because of low income level here is what you do next.

    • Go to the court counter and give the form to the clerk. It is faster to actually go to the court, but you may also mail the form to the correct court, and make sure it is sworn first or else it will be ignored. The clerk may give you another form to show your financial information.
    • Wait for your Fee Waiver Certificate
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