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In an investigation process, the one called out as a subject is a company or an individual (or person) being investigated, whereas the client is the company or an individual (or person) hiring the right private investigator (PI). Anyone going through a case or being subjected to being investigated would have the most prevalent reason to hire a private investigator (PI).


The main role of PI’s is to collect impartial facts and develop some of the leads to solve the case. Generally, there is a process used to procure information known as the C.O.D Approach that is CONFIRM, OBTAIN AND DEVELOP. The main purpose of this article is to give you a general understanding which helps to choose the right PI, i.e., a private investigator for your case.

  1. Know the need to hire a PI

In most of the cases, to prove the accuracy of the client’s suspicions and to gain the validation and confirmation, clients hire the private investigator mostly in family cases and laws. It is imperative for the clients to well-aware of their reason behind hiring the PI, motives and what they want to achieve from this investigation. The report of the investigation helps the client to get peace of mind and to move forward. The final investigative report by the private investigator helps the clients to get fruitful insight into the activities and economic affairs of the subject and provide them closure.

  1. Ways to find the right PI for your case

To find the right Mississauga private investigator, first, you need to locate a firm in or nearby your near this can be done by using the help of Google. After the search, select some of the firms to interview, which must include the known firms. If you have a clue about any firms that will best suit your case, then you must interview some of those firms to decide, which firms fit the best for your case. The prerequisite that becomes a deciding factor for the firms is it is fully licensed and insured. The private investigative firms are similar to several law firms that specialize in various fields of investigation, such as Corporate Fraud, Legal Investigations, Insurance Fraud and Retail Fraud.

You have to make sure that the firm you choose for your case must specialize in the field of family law and domestic problems. The decision to hire a sole proprietor, small, medium or large investigation company considering the benefits is of the client. Most of the PI firms take the advance deposit. The clients must be aware of their budget and the amount they are ready to spend on the PI. You must request the firms for updating you with developing leads of the case. Re-evaluate the case as if any situation arises where you’re halfway through the budget, but couldn’t reach any conclusion.

  1. Dig all the information related to the subject

Do your homework, obtain as much background details as possible, which can help you succeed in your case. The background information could be subject’s picture, their current and former residence, habits, employment place, license plate and the model of car, general daily schedule, a favorite restaurant or bars, monetary and banking details (comprising of things such as VISA statements and many more). To lower the fee charged by the firm or PI involved in the case, having background details and documentation before meeting the Mississauga private investigator is advantageous to the client. Keep in mind, never provide the PI with the original documentation, always give copies.

Mississauga Private Investigator

  1. Provide only accurate information

The Mississauga private investigator will heavily depend on the information provided initially by the client. For the success of the investigation, it is imperative to provide brief and accurate details to the investigator because a slight inaccuracy can lead the PI into the wrong path. One should keep the investigation focused on the prime issues or concerns.

  1. Lookout for Money

Financial affairs are the other most important reason due to which clients hire the PI, to find whether their spouse is hiding some assets and living a prosperous life. These investigations are set up to prove to the court unreliability in the subjects that help in reporting the financial affair. These are especially true if the subject is self-employed who publicizes their income or are involved with some other financial dealings that are not disclosed. In these types of cases, the Mississauga private investigator should choose to do a close inspection with the help of available background investigations. If the information acquired identify that the subject is hiding some assets, then consult a forensic account to acquire detailed information.

Post Author: Phillip Henry